The management and staff of Finecorp Trading 113 is acutely conscious of its social responsibility.

Finecorp Trading 113 is readily committed to instruct a caring and integrated community that facilitates people development and thus improving the quality of life of all our people that we do business with (directly and indirectly).

We appreciate the importance of contributing towards the development of the communities that we do business with, through integration, communication and understand of local community’s needs and cultures.

In realizing our social responsibility, we remain vigilant, optimistic, committed and dedicated to the following:

• Promotion of B – BBEE initiatives (targeting youth and the physical challenged)
• Entrepreneurs formation and development (professional advice and logistic support)
• SMME support through compliance to business preferential procurement policy, job creation, outsourcing, skills development and mentorship
• Formation of Partnerships / Cooperatives and introductions of self – help schemes
• Donations and Sponsorships to schools and Church organizations
• Facilitate and support sport, arts and recreational activities