Biodiesel is renewable fuel made from the process of recycling of Used Tyres and Plastic Waste, Or Vegetable Oil, Animal Fat into diesel.

As a Bio – Diesel distributor we will be supply: Commercial Farmers, Trucks, Factories, Mines, Resellers, Ships, Construction Companies & Supplying our company with waste plastic and used tyres.

Biodiesel can be used in ANY diesel engine, whether it may be a car, SUV, LDV, truck, ship, industrial machinery, forklift, tractor, generator, boat, mining vehicles & equipment, earth moving vehicle, boiler, construction vehicle & equipment or in a burner for heating. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine and is better and cleaner than normal diesel.

As a Regional Distributor, we will operate from our Warehouse and Distribute our bio-diesel to clients in our region and province that are in a contract and that are ordering bio-diesel from us. We will be able to deal directly with our clients and be able to communicate directly with the senior administrators and managers ordering stock from us on a monthly basis.

We will also have the additional opportunity of supplying our company plant with used tyres and plastic waste which we would pay you for at a good rate.