Coega liquid waste.

Finecorp Trading 113 cc prides itself in its achievement to have the Coega Corporation Industry on- board as one of its new Clientele for the period of 2 years ending 2020.

The company’s primary function in this contract is to implement procedures and practices in order to prevent discharge of pollutants to the storm water drainage systems or water causes as a result of the creation, collection, and disposal of non- hazardous Liquid wastes.

Liquid waste is any form of liquid residue that is hazardous for people or the environment. It can be bulky or sludgy, or even purely liquid, such infectious waste. Usually, this waste form comes from restaurants, cars, homes, any facility that includes washing machines or laboratories, or industrial buildings that utilize tank-clearing operations. Here, it’s found in sewer infrastructure and septic tanks.

The company’s vision with regards to Liquid waste is to specialize in a much broader market of liquid waste removal, transportation and disposal thereof in a safe environment.

These includes:

• Hospital Waste

• Laboratory Waste

• Factory Waste

• Chemical Waste

• Organic Waste

If your company does not want to cause any damage to the environment or the population around it, consider hiring Finecorp Trading 113 cc as your professional service provider. Our kind of service is able to clean your septic tanks, grease traps and oily waters, leaving your wastes without any sort of hazardous materials that can mix with everyday water use.

We are the ones that can really help you with your grease trap cleaning, septic tanks and oily waters, by pumping out, transporting, treating and disposing of all commercial and domestic liquid wastes and sludge’s.

With a Dynamic range of Equipment such as Combination Units, Super Suckers and underline pipe CCTV surveillance cameras including vacuum tankers we will also supply you with the best manpower with the adequate attitude to get the job done as best as possible.

If your company takes pride in paying attention to the environment, its clients and the people living around the facilities’ health, consider using our appropriate liquid waste disposal services.