The Blue/Ocean Economy.

The company’s primary objective of Blue Economy led through Operation Phakisa is to extend the inland water ways, oceans and seas are critical ingredients to Economic and Social Development and remain a vital fight against poverty and unemployment.

In order to contribute towards this economic mainstream Finecorp Trading 113 cc has vested interest and is currently doing Business in the following Sectors of Blue Economy:

• Tuna Pole Permit 2012/13 – 2020/21

• Large Pelagic Long Line Permit 2015/16 – 2023

• Horse Mackerel Permit 2015/16 -2023

• Bio Fuel Distribution Licence for the Eastern Cape 2016/17 – 2020/21

• Transport Permit/ Fleet

• Cold storage vehicles for the Transport of Goods and service (Import & Export of Fish)

• Fleet Horse and Trailers for the Transport of Bio Fuels and other related products

• Ocean Transport of Containers and Bio Fuel via Shipping

We confident that these accreditations will assist in creating meaningful Jobs within the next two years. The company is currently in the planning phase to establish the following;

• Processing Plants for Fishing Industry (+- 48) permanent staff

• Sourcing of a Vessel (25 men Crew)

• Bio Fuel Distribution Centre’s across the Eastern Cape (+ -) 580 direct & 720 indirect Jobs

• Supply and Distribution of Fuel to the Public and Private Sector

• Call Centre for Bio Fuel & Marketing of Fish for import and export (+ -) 88 direct Jobs

• Township Economy (local collection centres and recycling hubs of tyres, plastics etc. for the purpose of Bio Fuel and environmental Friendliness and simultaneously enhance Local Entrepreneurship training and mentorship.