Finecorp Trading 113 cc prides itself when it comes to their Employer versus Employee relationship.

In conjunction with the Stake Holders Board which is comprised out as the (PSC) Project Steering committee which is represented by Finecorp Trading, Department of Roads & Public works and the Local community the company prides itself in being successful in driving this labour imperative for more than 6 years by means of Community, Private Public Participation.

Reason: The PSC came together as a forum to improve the workers economic conditions through a collective bargaining processes. The company strives to better the wages structure off all employees which is employed by Finecorp Trading 113 cc as set out in the basic conditions of employment act. Finecorp Trading 113 cc objective is to respond to the exact need of the community in which we do business with. It is important for the company to develop economic and social policy alternatives that will bolster skills development in these rural communities.